Donald Glover Fans Are Taking on Donald Trump Fans After Hijacking the Pro-Trump Reddit Page

Credit: YouTube; By Michael Vadon [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

For a brief period of time in the wake of Childish Gambino’s music video drop ‘This is America’ earlier this month, Mr Trump was not the main Donald being talked about. The polymathic star who hosted and performed on SNL prior to his music video release was already a hot topic, however, this controversial video escalated him to new heights. The video has been viewed almost 175 million times on YouTube and has been critically praised.

Whilst Donald Glover’s (Childish Gambino) relevance has never been higher, his band of loyal fans have taken advantage and sought to troll his aforementioned fellow Donald, the President of the United States’ second most popular Reddit page: r/thedonald. With 16,000 subscribers the page is only second to r/The_Donald with over 600,000 community members.

The hijacked subreddit was originally setup as a backup page for if its aforementioned larger equivalent was taken down due to its controversial content. Visitors to the page would regularly be greeted by pro-Trump memes and propaganda. The subreddit has the description: “the place where we discuss in an unbiased manner Donald Trumps great contributions to modern society.” However, Glover fans have fully hijacked the page now filling it with celebrations of their beloved Donald opposed to the President that the page was initially created for. One hilarious post reads, “This page is supposed to be about Donald….so why is there a terrible photo of a pseudo-rich, white racist xenophobe on top of the sub? I hope mods fix.”

Not a racist ✅ Not a rapist ✅ Can read ✅ Was never bankrupt ✅ Likes Mexicans ✅ Talented ✅ Pays his taxes ✅ Handsome ✅ Loves immigrants ✅ Not a puppet for Russia ✅ Doesn’t want to fuck his daughter ✅ Must be the real one true Donald ✅ from r/thedonald

This “The One True Donald” picture has been upvoted over 45,000 times:

The One True Donald from r/thedonald

There’s even a formal petition to make the subreddit and official Donald Glover page and to remove the erstwhile Trump posts:

Formal petition to make this subreddit a Donald Glover fan/meme page from r/thedonald

User MetalsDeadAndSoAmI eloquently posted, “The Sub has embraced its true purpose, celebrating the best Donald there is. He’s beautiful. He’s talented. He don’t talk soft (that’s that other guy). He’s crass. He says whats on his mind. He rose from practically nothing. The great Don Glover. Amen.”

Whether this subreddit officially moves over from Trump to Glover fan page depends on whether the moderator of the page steps-in. If they don’t interact for over 60 days, the subreddit becomes ‘abandoned’ and essentially enters ‘bandit territory’. Of course Childish Gamino fans are desperately hoping they can swoop in and take it over. Who knows, if they manage to seize full control following this hostage situation, maybe the main 600,000 member Donald Trump subreddit will be the next attainable target.

When you hear about what’s going on at TheDonald do and decide to creep on over from r/thedonald


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