All of 2017’s Must-See Movies, in a Stunningly Produced Montage

From major blockbusters to strikingly beautiful independent films, we see unbelievable movies released each year. Thankfully, 2017 has been no different.

Freelance trailer editor Clark Zhu, kindly puts together a montage each year of the best films of the year. His 2017 offering is an absolute masterpiece.

Last year we reported on 2016’s Clark Zhu montage where his movie mashup reminded us the year hadn’t been all doom and gloom. However, when we thought he couldn’t up his montage-game, he releases 2017′: “Moving Pictures 2017 – Movie Trailers Mashup.”

8-minutes of exhilarating, visual excellence, including 230 of the year’s best films! It’s testament to the talent of Clark and the quality of this year’s movies that despite the length of the mashup, you will watch until the end, fully engrossed, without glancing at the time or wondering how long the montage is.

Clark has even kindly provided a breakdown of what is happening, shot-by-shot and second-by-second, so we know which films have been featured.

Sit back and prepare yourself to be exhilarated, have your heart-warmed, laugh out loud and generally feel disappointed in yourself that you haven’t seen all these films this year, in a neatly produced 8-minute video!


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