Prue Leith Accidentally Tweets the Winner of The Great British Bake off Hours Before the Final


Hours before tonight’s season finale, judge Prue Leith inadvertently has tweeted the name of the winner.

TFNY have opted to not reveal the winner to not spoil the finale!

The greatly anticipated Grand Final of the Great British Bake Off’s ( Season 8 airs tonight. Pru Leith who replaced Mary Berry after the show was moved to Channel 4 this season, accidentally tweeted the name of the winner saying, “No one told me judging a #gbbo final would be so emotional. I wanted them all to win. Bravo XXXXXX.”

Twitter users are natually devastated the final has been ruined by the veteran baker.

Whilst others were upset with Pru, others used the opportunity to rage that season favourite Liam hadn’t made it through:

Prue has since told the Press Association, “I’m in too much of a state to talk about it,” following the Tiwtter mistake. She continued, “I’m in Bhutan. The time difference is massive. I thought they got it six hours ago.”

This isn’t the first time there’s been a contraversial GBBO slip. Mary Berry announced who left episode 3 of the 2015 series in a live radio interview.

For those have resisted the temptation to look up the winner, enjoy this evening’s show. For those who have had it ruined by a confused Prue Leith on Twitter, there’s only 43 weeks until Season 9 kicks off!


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