‘Millennial Railcard’ for 26-30 Year-Olds Set to Launch Next Year

Image: Property Detective

The days of weighing up whether to take a 6-hour, bumpy, uncomfortable coach ride opposed to spending a fortune on a similarly bumpy, uncomfortable train could soon be over for people aged 26-30. Reportedly a new scheme being described as the ‘Millennial Railcard’ is set to be launched in early 2018.

According to research by the Resolution Foundation ‘Millennials’ earn around £8,000 less in their 20s than their parents did. Therefore, struggling Millennials will rejoice as they will no longer lose the 18-25 third-off rail fare benefit from the 26th birthday onwards. Whilst there are currently some well-known loopholes to extend the 18-25 card slightly, this announcement will officially protect this generation of train-users.

According to a leaked document from Rail Delivery Group (RDG) circulated on a UK rail forum, Greater Anglia Railways are set to trial the new service in December. The unverified document also confirmed the trial would have 10,000 cards reportedly set to be available, before the nationwide launch next year. As of yet, Rail Delivery Group have failed to respond to these leaked documents.

Despite lack of official statement, all signs point towards this being legitimate. The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) which is part of the Rail Delivery Group have registered a few domain names in preparation for the launch such as 26-30railcard.com.

The 18-25 railcard currently costs £30/year, offering a third off all rail fare and therefore, it is speculated the new 26-30 card will offer a similar perk with a similar cost. It’s also speculated the card will only be available in one-year stints to counter the well-known loopholes, and will be only available digitally via an app.


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