Shocking Video Emerges of Falcao Cheating His Colombia Team to the World Cup as Qualification Wraps-Up

Yesterday finalised many of the Russia World Cup 2018 places. European qualification ended with some shock big names such as Netherlands as well as Gareth Bale’s Wales missing out on play-off places to make it to this summer’s finals.

The final CAF (Africa) qualification games are yet to be played, as well as a handful of playoff games involving European, Central American and Asian teams. The qualifying finished in CONCACAF (Central America), with USA shockingly losing to already eliminated Trinidad and Toabago and Panama defeating the World Cup regulars Costa Rica, meaning Panama took the final place and cancelled USA’s Russian summer plans.

The CONMEBOL (South America) qualification also wrapped up proceedings yesterday with 4 teams going straight through to the finals, with the 5th placed team facing a play-off in November.

Going into the 18th and final game of qualification, unbelievably 7 out of the 10 teams could still find themselves in the top 5 places.

Messi’s Argentina were in danger of not qualifying for the finals for the first time in 48 years, which would have been a travesty for football to not have the world’s best player at the showcase in the summer.

Fortunately for Messi and Co. they defeated already eliminated Ecuador 1-3 and results ended in their favour meaning they finished in 3rd place behind Brazil and Uruguay.

Controversially, however, high-flying CONMEBOL champions last summer, Alexis Sánchez’s Chile lost 3-0 to group winners Brazil, whilst Colombia and Peru drew meaning Chile fell to 6th place, boosting Peru into 5th (the play-off position).

However, a shocking video has surfaced today which appears to show Colombia captain Radamel Falcao convincing one-by-one each of the Peru players that a draw was enough for both to qualify as Chile were losing 3-0 to Brazil. The video even shows the Peruvian bench corroborating Falcao’s story that Chile were in fact losing and a draw was the best result for both teams to qualify.

Although it’s likely to be little consolation for the likes of Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal of Chile, this video has begun to go viral. If it can be proved what we speculate these images show, Falcao, Colombia and Peru could be in trouble and could potentially not be at this summer’s World Cup after-all.

In the meantime, 23 teams have now secured their places in Russia, with 9 more to be finalised in the coming weeks:

1. Russia (Hosts)
2. Brazil (CONMEBOL winners)
3. Iran(AFC third round group A winners)
4. Japan (AFC third group B winners)
5. South Korea (Runners-up in Group A)
6. Saudi Arabia (Runners-up in Group B)
7. Mexico (CONCACAF winners)
8. Belgium (UEFA group H winners)
9. Germany (UEFA group C winners)
10. Germany (UEFA group F winners)
11. Poland (UEFA group E winners)
12. Costa Rica (Runners-in the CONCACAF qualifying)
13. Nigeria (CAF group B winners)
14. Egypt (CAF group E winners)
15. Iceland (UEFA group I winners)
16. Serbia (UEFA group B winners)
17. Spain (UEFA group G winners)
18. Portugal (UEFA group B winners)
19. France (UEFA group A winners)
20. Panama (CONCACAF 3rd place)
21. Argentina (CONMEBOL 3rd place)
22. Uruguay (CONMEBOL 2nd place)
23. Colombia (CONMEBOL 4th place)

Still could qualify:

4 of these 8 best 2nd place UEFA teams:

1. Sweden (UEFA group A 2nd place)
2. Switzerland (UEFA group B 2nd place)
3. Northern Ireland (UEFA group C 2nd place)
4. Ireland (UEFA group D 2nd place)
5. Denmark (UEFA group E 2nd place)
6. Italy (UEFA group G 2nd place)
7. Greece (UEFA group H 2nd place)
8. Croatia (UEFA group I 2nd place)

1 of these 2 teams in CAF group A:

1. Tunisia
2. DR Congo

1 of these 2 teams in CAF group C:

1. Morocco
2. Ivory Coast

1 of these 4 teams in CAF Group D:

1. Sengal
2. Burkina Faso
3. Cape Verde
4. South Africa

1 of these 2 teams in an inercontinental play-off:

1. Honduras
2. Australia

1 of these 2 teams in an intercontinental play-ff

1. Panama
2. New Zealand


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