The Killers Finally Achieve Their First US No.1 Album with ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

By Danny Wilson (Photograph by Danny Wilson on [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Killers have achieved their first US number one album, appropriately named ‘Wonderful Wonderful’.

This was the Las Vegas’ band’s fifth studio album, with their highest Billboard ranking previously being number two for their 2006 Sam’s Town which came off the back of their critically acclaimed debut album Hot Fuss.

Wonderful Wonderful was released on 22nd September and in it’s first full week sold 118,000 units, with 111,000 of which were reportedly traditional album sales – knocking Foo Fighters’ ‘Concrete And Gold’ from it’s top spot.

The band weren’t only celebrating their first US number one album, but also became the first international act to achieve five UK number one albums in a row (spread across 13 years!). British bands Oasis, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys are the only bands to have equally or bettered The Killers feat, which certainly cements The Killers place in the music hall of fame. With his two solo albums Flamingo and The Desired Effect front-man Brandon Flowers has seven UK number one albums which places him along side Alex Turner, Damon Albarn and Sting with the same record.

The Killers hadn’t been seen for a few years – with their last album Battle Born coming out in 2012. Having had a huge UK following since their 2004 debut Hot Fuss album the band surprised fans this summer with a non-advertised set at the packed-out John Peel stage at Glastonbury festival on the Sunday. Walking out to an astonished crowd, Brandon Flowers joked, “They say you play the John Peel Stage twice in your career, once on the way up and once on the way down. It’s good to be back.” Following this monumental success a UK tour was announced and immediately sold-old.

Whether this album’s success is down to it being fantastic or purely down to their five-year hiatus as a band prior to this album is certainly contestable. NME gave the album a four-star review saying “[Frontman Brandon Flowers] bares more on ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ than ever before, and the result is the band’s best album since 2006’s ‘Sam’s Town’.”

Whereas The Independent was more critical saying, “‘Wonderful Wonderful’ is an album that doesn’t let the artist look forward to the next track, becase the album is restlessly glancing over its shoulder, haunted by past successes of The Killers, and the great artists who came before them.”

Regardless of whether this album is another Hot Fuss or more of a Day & Age, it’s great to have the Las Vegas act back in the charts and in our headlines.


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