BBC Release 5 Minute Prequel Trailer for Blue Planet II Soundtracked by Radiohead and Hans Zimmer

Following on from last year’s astounding monumental success of Planet Earth II, the BBC are set to release the sequel to 2001 documentary series Blue Planet.

Since February when the teaser trailer was released, Sir David Attenborough documentary fans have been waiting with ‘baited’ breath for news of Blue Planet II.

Yesterday the broadcaster released ‘Blue Planet II: The Prequel’, a 5 minute video providing us with a taste of what we can expect with the new series, which is still being described as on ‘later this year’. The video has already been viewed nearly 7 million times on BBC Earth’s Facebook page.

This mesmeric prequel film is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and also set to eerily poignant music by composer Hans Zimmer (known for his musical scores for blockbusting films such as Inception and Interstellar) and Radiohead. For the film they re-produced the track ‘Bloom’ from Radiohead’s 2011 album The King of Limbs, recording new vocals and adding in orchestral sections.

BBC Earth also released an accompanying video where members of Radiohead and Hans Zimmer discuss the collaboration.

Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke said, “Bloom was inspired by the original Blue Planet series so it’s great to be able to come full circle with the song and re-imagine it for this incredible landmark’s sequel.”

One of the producers of Blue Planet II Orla Doherty says, “Making a series about the ocean is a really big ask. One of the hardest things is to capture the scale of it, the spectacles that happen in it are enormous. I think we’ve just about captured it with our images but when you put the collaboration between Radiohead and Hans together, that scale is in their music.

In his ever-endearing and addictive voice to listen to Attenborough introduces the with,”A generation ago the series the Blue Planet took us beneath the waves. But now we know so much more. Take a deep breath.”

The video is described by the BBC as featuring “an array of some of the most awe-inspiring shots and highlights from the new series, as well as several exclusive scenes that will not feature in any of the seven episodes.”


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