Met Police Mocked on Twitter for Notting Hill Carnival Drug Tweet

"Notting Hill Carnival - Monday" by Cristiano Betta is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In the run up to the August Bank Holiday Weekend’s iconic London event, Notting Hill Carnival, the Metropolitan Police have been making a series of raids and arrests in effort to disrupt gang crime and drug supply.

Since Friday 11th August police have made over 290 arrests for a range of offences. The police commented that the crackdown was to target groups that could impact the safety of the carnival.

However, yesterday faced a back lash following a tweet by the Met where they showed seized drugs in a raid in Catford announcing that this effort was ‘in the run up to #NottingHillCarnival’.

Critics on Twitter including grime artist Stormzy has taken to Twitter to question and mock the Met’s tweet linking the raids in South London (Catford) to the iconic street festival in Notting Hill – 12 miles away from the raid.

It also prompted a trending meme on Twitter whereby people joked by using equally unrelated trivial events to the carnival by Tweeting ‘in the run up to #NottingHillCarnival…’.

Chief Superintendent Robyn Williams, the spokesperson for the Met for Notting Hill Carnival yesterday said, “Our officers have been proactive and focused on tackling serious violence and knife crime across London.

“Today’s operation is aimed at ensuring that those who intend to cause trouble at Carnival are prohibited from doing so.

“We are committed to ensuring that Carnival remains a safe, vibrant and enjoyable event; troublemakers are not welcome.

“We will be uncompromising in our operations to keep our communities safe and secure.

“People can expect to see operational activity right up until and throughout the bank holiday weekend.”

Notting Hill Carnival starts this Saturday 26th August and runs until Monday 28th August.


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