Liam Gallagher Premieres His New Solo Track ‘Wall of Glass’

After performing his debut solo single, ‘Wall of Glass’ during a benefit for the victims of the Manchester attack, Liam Gallagher has released the studio version and the music video of the new track.

Gallagher snarls at the camera with his hands behind his back and with his infamously wide gait singing, “I don’t mean to be unkind. But I see what’s in your mind,” as he points to his temple. This is set to classic Oasis power chords along with a wailing yet oddly hypnotic harmonica.

Liam seems to have brought vintage Oasis style and sound along with his everlasting narcissism partnered with modern production quality.

The video shows Gallagher staring into a mirror (or ‘Wall of Glass’) as only his reflection sings back. This all takes place in some kind of disorientating, dark, spinning nightmare corridor.

‘Wall of Glass’ is the first released track on Gallagher’s upcoming LP ‘As You Were’. It is also the first time we’ve seen Liam Gallagher officially as a solo artist following Oasis’ split in 2009 and the subsequent Beady Eye (Oasis band members minus feuding brother Noel) split in 2014. The track was premiered in Manchester at a sold out benefit, along with six other tracks and a few classic Oasis songs. The Manchester-born Gallagher performed in front of 22 candles as a mark of respect for the 22 people killed in the Manchester bombing attack on May 22nd following an Ariana Grande concern in Manchester.

A highlight of the Manchester benefit certainly was the poignant acapella performance of classic Oasis song Live Forever, which was sang back to Liam by the audience.


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