Katie Hopkins Sacked by LBC Following Her ‘Final Solution’ Tweet

Image: LBC

It’s been confirmed today that controversial broadcaster Katie Hopkins will leave LBC and her weekly Sunday show ‘effective immediately’.

Hopkins joined LBC in April 2016, having risen to fame initially appearing as a contestant on The Apprentice in 2006 and then subsequently becoming a columnist for the Sun and Mail Online as well as regularly featuring on ITV’s This Morning.

The announcement comes days after the backlash from Hopkins’ recent tweet where she asserted that ‘a final solution’ was required following on from the Manchester terror attack.

Katie Hopkins isn’t shy in sharing her controversial opinion, whether that be live on her erstwhile LBC radio show, live on TV or on Twitter. However, her ‘final solution’ tweet and comments appear to suggest a call for genocide with it perhaps inferring to the Nazi’s use of ‘final solution’ in reference to the Jews during the holocaust.

Following complaints to the police and reports made to Twitter about the tweet, Hopkins claimed ‘final’ was a typo, and therefore, deleted and tweeted again but with ‘true’ instead. A spokesman for the Met Police said, “We can confirm that a complaint has been received. As is routine, the allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers.”

This isn’t the first time Hopkins has gotten into trouble with her employers. Last year, MailOnline was forced to pay £150,000 to a family whom Hopkins falsely accused of extremist links after they were refused entry to the US for a visit to Disenyland, in one of her columns.

Other controversial comments include stating that she wouldn’t employ obese people because they ‘look lazy’ and wouldn’t let her children play with children with ‘working class names’. She commented on the House of Lords by saying, “Frankly, I don’t really mind if we seal up the room and gas the lot of them.” As well as that, in a column for the Sun in 2015 she compared migrants to cockroaches and suggested gunboats should be deployed to stop them crossing the Mediterranean.

Hopkins isn’t a member of a political party, nor does she have any specific links with any, however, it’s been reported she has applied to join UKIP several times but been denied each time.

Following Hopkins’ comments, her then fellow LBC presenter James O’Brien described the ‘shame’ he felt about sharing a broadcasting platform with her. He described her as a ‘monstrous self-publicist…[who] employs the most vile thoughts and language in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and get noticed.”

Since the announcement, Hopkins has been tweeting consistently as before, but not mentioning her departure.

Twitter has since of course reacted with a commentary that only twitter could provide:


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