Visual Effects Artist Makes the Greatest Second-Hand Car Ad of All Time to Sell His Old Suzuki

Opposed to simply selling his beloved old 4×4 with an ad in the local paper or online on a vehicle trading website, this man has made this spectacular hollywood blockbuster-style advert instead.

Latvian visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky has created this masterpiece of a 2-minute advert to try to sell his 1996 Suzuki Vitara, which he describes as ‘My best friend for 10 years’ with the one sentence description in the video reading ‘With deep sorrow selling my little beast…’

We watch his car seamlessly make it through dangerous terrain, through forests, across desserts, up mountains and over sand dunes. The car dubbed ‘The Legend. The Beast. The Hero’, drives with wilder-beast, races cheetahs and leads a pack of raptors being devoured by a T-Rex…The offroader speeds through the dessert in the sand storms of Mad Max, traverses through an avalanche, travels under-water and even racks up the miles by rocketing to the moon.

As the car arrives back to Earth ‘Back to the Future’ style, the captain reads: “Still Here. Still Smart. Still Trendy. Still Sexy. #BUYMYVITARA”

In little under a month Eugene has racked up over 3m views and I’m sure endless offers now considering the quality of his ad. I hope Suzuki have been on the phone and booked Mr Rmonavosky for their next actual TV ad, as his one is absolute masterpiece.


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