Buckingham Palace Staff Called for an Emergency Meeting

By Diliff (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0) or CC BY 2.5 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Buckingham Palace have summoned all royal household staff for an emergency meeting this morning (Thursday). Any meeting of this nature of course prompts speculation about the reason for the meeting and whether it was to do with the health of the Queen (91) or Prince Philip (95).

Royal sources have said there is ‘no cause for alarm’ about the meeting but did not provide any other indication of the meeting that will take place at 10am on Thursday 4th May’s reasons.

The Sun did report that Prince Philip had in fact died on their website, but swiftly removed the article as it’s been suggested not to be true. It has even been pointed out that he was very ably and healthily at Lord’s cricket ground yesterday.

Theresa May herself was at the palace yesterday to discuss the disolution of the government in preperation of the upcoming general election. It was reported that both Her Majesty and Prince Philip were in good health.

The Daily Mail reported that one of the household staff commented saying, “Everyone is on tenterhooks…Although meetings involving the entire royal household are occasionally called, the way this has been done at the eleventh hour is highly unusual and suggests that there is something major to be disseminated.”

Despite the reports of ‘no cause for alarm’ people have responded on twitter as they do…

More to follow as we get it.


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