Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd Drop New Track ‘Lust for Life’

When Lana Del Rey teased her new album Lust For Life at the end of March with an album trailer, fans rejoiced as we were all but promised a collaboration with The Weeknd.


The new video for her new single with the same name as the album title, Lust For Life dropped yesterday. It’s oddly haunting with it’s moody style all in black-and-white but for Lana’s hair, clothes and shoes. The video features the pair sat on the ‘H’ of the famous Hollywood sign, whispering to each other ‘take off, take off, take off all your clothes’ and ‘And a lust for life, and a lust for life…’.

The video strangely ends with a giant version of Lana holding the entire scene of her miniature self and The Weeknd sat on the Hollywood sign with floating butterfly-esque love hearts around it. That’s Lana Del Rey for you.

Image: YouTube

Since the video’s release yesterday on the official LanaDelReyVEVO YouTube channel it’s already amassed nearly 4m views.


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