International Day for Street Children: Stand with Them Today

Image: Little Big Help charity in Kolkata, India

According to UN sources there are around 150million street children in the world. Today is the International Day for Street Children, but you probably won’t know that. Even though this date is celebrated every year, street children probably won’t be on the news today. In many ways they are invisible. Written out of policy, ignored by governments, hiding from abusers and the perpetrators of violence on the street and marginalised and stigmatized by their own communities. Their ability to trust adults is broken down.

To survive street-life these children must be brave, courageous and resourceful; and if given half the chance they are more than capable of improving their lives. However, they cannot do it alone. That is why NGO’s such as StreetInvest exists – so that even the most excluded street children can have a trustworthy adult in their lives. Knowing that they have someone they can rely on to simply be there and support them for as long as they need is the first step towards changing their young lives for the better.

Today charitable organisations such as StreetInvest are celebrating the hundreds of street workers they support. Those who help street children every day, who listen to them and value their opinions. The individuals who are committed to standing with street children through the toughest of times, standing up for their rights and raising their voices.

Image: By Robin Hammond for StreetInvest
Image: By Robin Hammond for StreetInvest
Image: By Robin Hammond for StreetInvest

StreetInvest released a video tell the story about a young man who was greatly helped by the street workers in his life. After living on the streets as a little boy, Dula is now a football coach. They hope this film will help raise awareness of street children like Dula and the amazing work that street workers like Bokey do every day:


StreetInvest is a UK based NGO that supports tens of thousands of children around the world who call the streets their home. This year it will also be reaching out to marginalised and excluded young people in the UK. If you want to show your support or find out more about The International Day for Street Children, you can here.


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