United Airlines Passenger Forcibly Removed from His Seat on Overbooked Flight

Shocking footage posted on social media yesterday shows a man being forcibly removed from an overbooked flight.

United Airlines staff had asked for volunteers to leave a flight after it was discovered the flight was overbooked from Chicago Illinois to Louisville Kentucky. Despite offtering $800 and a free hotel stay as compensation, nobody took up the offer so they decided to randomly choose people.

One man who was selected refused to leave the plane, however, as explained to the staff he was a doctor and needed to see his patients in the morning. This seemed not to be a justified reason to remain on the flight and was subsequently forcibly removed from his seat and then dragged off the plane.

Another passenger videoed the incident, showing shouting, struggling and then the eventual physically dragging of the seemingly at this stage unconscious man down the aisle of the plane.

Another passenger shared the incident from another angle. This video specifically shows blood on the passenger’s face as he’s dragged from his seat.

The two sharers of the videos live-tweeted to corroborate the story:

Of course, as the shocking footage has circulated today, Twitter did what Twitter did best and went into meltdown:

In a statement by United Airlines they said, “Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate. We apologise for the overbook situation.”



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