Man Shot by Police and Several Injured in ‘Terrorist Incident’ in London

Latest summary of the incident

    • Man driving a 4×4 mows down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge
    • Attacker crashes into railings and attacks police outside Parliament, fatally stabbing one police officer
    • Attacker subsequently shot dead by another police officer
    • One woman and one other person dead making the current total 4
    • Over 20 people seriously injured
    • Police treating this as a terrorist incident
    • Westminster and other areas of London in lock-down

Just shy of two months after a man was shot outside The Louvre in Paris after attacking a soldier, a man has been shot, a policeman stabbed and several others injured outside and around the Houses of Parliament in London.

Being treated as terrorist incident, a car allegedly drove up on the pavement outside Parliament, with a man jumping out wielding a knife as he rushed the gates.

First Scotland Yard statement:

Second Scotland Yard statement:

Prior to the incident the attacker mowed down pedestrians as he drove a 4×4 Hyundai across Westminster Bridge before crashing into railings outside Parliament and consequently running through the gates of the Palace of Westminster and stabbing a police officer.

Witnesses claim at this point the attacker was shot by police as he approached a second officer.

The incident was corroborated by The Commons Leader, David Lidington who told MPs sat in Parliament that a “police officer has been stabbed [and the] alleged assailant was shot by armed police.”

Scotland Yard have said armed police were deployed to Westminster Bridge after calls and reports came in that there were many people injured on the bridge.

Lidington also confirmed this, saying, “There are also reports of further violent incidents in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster but I hope colleagues on all sides will appreciate that it would be wrong of me to go into further details until we have confirmation from the police and from the house security authorities about what is going on.”


Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism command are now involved in a full-scale investigation. Consequently, London-wide emergency precautions have been implemented, putting London on lock-down; various tube and trains stations have been suspended, and additional armed police have been deployed across the city, but significantly in the area of Westminster. However, the police are hopeful the incidents were isolated ones and they are now over.


Minutes after the incidents were reported, an emergency helicopter landed in Parliament Square with paramedics rushing from it to assist the casualties.


It has been confirmed one woman and one other person has been killed as well as one of the police officers attacked outside Parliament and the attacker shot by the police. The amount of other casualties at this stage are unconfirmed, however, Scotland Yard have confirmed at least 20 are seriously injured. Emergency services remain on hand in the area attending specifically to the numerous people injured on and around Westminster Bridge and the palace.

Allegedly, the Prime Minister Theresa May was just 40 yards away when the attack took place. She was immediately escorted by armed under-cover police with guns raised into a vehicle and taken away from the scene back to Downing Street. The Prime Minister is set to chair an emergency meeting of Cobra (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) to discuss the incidents and the immediate response.




The political editor of The Daily Telegraph, Gordon Rayner who is seemingly inside Parliament has been live-tweeting the incidents and was one of the first to break the news:

This article will be updated with more details as we get it…


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