James Blunt Continues to Entertain, Specifically Not with His Music…

By Thesupermat (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Rewind to 2004, you couldn’t avoid You’re Beautiful by James Blunt in the charts, on the radio and generally everywhere you turned. His life may well have been ‘brilliant’, his ‘love pure’, he impressively ‘saw an angel’ of which he was ‘sure’. However, he was one of the UK’s most hated men.


Roll on 2006 and the launch of Twitter, and much-maligned James Blunt inadvertantly embarked upon the quest to turn his public perception around. He uses his uncoolness and general perception as a hated figure to reply and comeback at users attempting to troll him. Somehow this tact has created his very own new persona and brought him fans that back in 2004 probably despised him. Self-deprication combined with dry natrual wit has been the key and has prevented Mr. Blunt’s career being a full flash in the pan like many similar no.1 artists before him.

Here’s some of our favourite Tweets of his:

This time round James is back doing what he does best (no, not singing), being hilarious whilst promoting his new album The Afterlove with his latest TV advert:


Has it been too long since you remembered James Blunt for his music rather than his online witticisms? Has his hilarious new promo-video provoked you to say “Sure there’s ‘You’re Beautiful‘ but what else has he done since 2004?” Not to worry, here’s his most played songs on Spotify for you to enjoy. Say what you like about him, but a couple of these are undisputed bangers.


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