James Cordon and Samuel L. Jackson Act out the Actor’s Entire Film Career in Just 11 Minutes

Just as many Brits before him have managed to do, and others continue to try, James Cordon has well and truly broken America. His late night talk show The Late Late Show with James Cordon airs on CBS Monday-Friday. It launched in early 2015 and in little under two years it’s been nominated and one various awards including Outstanding Variety Special at the Emmy Award.

The US late night talk show is a saturated field, with Cordon’s show competing with the likes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and many others. To help seperate them from their rivals in terms of TV views as well as YouTube, each have their own original recurring segments

The Late Late Show well and truly became internet famous with James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke. The simple concept has raked in the views on YouTube and sent viewers turning over to Cordon’s show. James casually drives his guests around LA, chatting to them as you’d expect he would do with his friends, intermixed with singing along to their songs and others as they go. Guests in this segments have included Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Adele and even Michele Obama.

One of Cordon’s lesser utilised segments, but no less hilarious, is one where James and his actor guest perform the actor’s filmography in a short period of time with props and a green screen, known as ‘Roll Call’. Famously this segment has been performed with Tom Hanks, Anold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise.

James Cordon opens this ‘Roll Call’ segment by saying to Samuel L. Jackson, “now, you’ve been in a lot of films…” The pair of them then go on to speedily act their way through Samuel L’s most memorable ones in a mere 11 brilliantly chaotic minutes.


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