Jaden Smith Shares Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe

18-year-old son of Will Smith, Jaden has partnered with Vanity Fair to kindly bestow some very valuable wisdom and facts upon us.

In a video aptly titled Jaden Smith Reads Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe, Jaden provides the voice-over with a dramatic echo to slow images of himself looking puzzled, bewildered and confused.

Jaden kindly reveals a series of random facts for us all to be similarly baffled by. We don’t know the accuracy of Jaden’s claims, but if his facial expressions are anything to go by then we’re inclined to believe him.

I mean, for example Jaden teaches us that, “sharks have been around for longer than trees,” and that, “strawberries aren’t berries but bananas are.” That is invaluable and shocking information.


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