Louis Theroux Returning with Three New BBC Documentaries

Image: BBC

It’s been confirmed today that Louis Theroux will be returning to our screens with three new BBC documentaries.

There was speculation that the programmes would be set in United States and be about the newly elected President Trump. However, today’s reveal of the topics he’ll cover, confirmed although focused on the US, he’ll be steering clear of the White House.

This announcement comes after the successful My Scientology Movie released in cinemas last year, as well as the captivating documentaries Drinking to Oblivion, A Different Brain, and Saville.


The upcoming documentaries are set to tackle similarly hard-hitting ‘uniquely devastating challenges’ in America such as murder, sex trafficking and drug addiction.

He told the Independent, “I immerse myself in some of the most dysfunctional and disturbing aspects of American society. They combine hard-hitting actuality with intimate interviews.”

“I have been granted access to the police in several states; I’ve got to know the people affected by crime; and I’ve also spent time with the perpetrators of crime, with the idea of understanding the causes of it, both on a systemic level and also in a very personal way.”


The first documentary titled Murder in Milwaukee will see Theroux spend time in the state of Wisconsin during a period of tension between police and the African-American community following a string of police-shootings. Much like his previous documentaries Theroux will spend time with both sides of the conflict.

The second documentary has a working title: Sex Trafficking Houston. In this documentary Theroux explores a part of America that is regarded to have the largest hub of human trafficking across the country. Louis meets and interviews women working in the sex industry, the police trying to curb it as well as those in prison for sex trafficking crimes.

The third and final documentary, Opiate City, will investigate the growing issue of prescription drug addicts in Huntington, West Virginia. The Independent reports that one in ten babies born in Huntington are born addicted to opiates as well as the fatal overdose rate being thirteen times higher than the national average.

Patrick Holland, BBC Two’s channel editor said, “This is so exciting. It is always a real event to have a new series from Louis on BBC Two. This trilogy promises to be hugely timely and challenging, it has never been more important to engage with the forces shaping modern America.”

It’s yet to be confirmed the exact date the new documentaries will air.


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