Cyclist Takes Revenge on Abusive Van Drivers

Driving through London’s streets you see all sorts of things. Unfortunately, one of those things is abusive and harassing behaviour from a small section of London’s drivers.

Recorded on a motorcyclist’s go-pro, a cyclist is seen to be harassed by men in a van whilst they wait at the traffic-lights.

The men are heard saying:

“Alright? Want my number?” The cyclist retaliates by pushing the van’s wing-mirror in. This is following by from the van drivers, “Woah. Woah don’t be like that!”

“Go away,” says the cyclist as she waits for the lights to turn green. This is followed by some more inaudible harassment by the men, to which the cyclist again hits their wing-mirror.

“Woah! That’s not very lady-like is it, ay? Oi, what charm school did you go to ay. You wanna tell your mum an ddad to get their f*cking money back! Shut up you old dog! You on your period?” say the men leaning out of their van window. One then reaches out to touch the cyclist on the shoulder saying, “Listen, don’t be like that, come on. Give me your number. We’ll go for a drink.”

At this point the lights turn green and the van speeds off, followed by the cyclist and the filming motorcyclist in turn.

The van drivers of course think they’ve got away with their abysmal behaviour. However, unknown to them, the cyclist is right behind them. As the van parks, the cyclist pulls up next to them and triumphantly rips their wing-mirror off and throws it to the floor. The motorcyclist then drives past the van and says with a finger pointing, “That’s exactly what you deserve you scum!”

Of course we don’t condone retaliation or taking the law into your own hands, but this is particularly gratifying to watch. There are some horrible people out there!


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