The Indestructible and Beloved Nokia 3310 Is Set to Make a Comeback

Seventeen years after Finnish communications company Nokia originally launched it, the now infamous Nokia 3310 is set to be re-released.

Finnish manufacturer HMD Oy Global who hold exclusive rights to the Nokia brand, are set to launch Nokia’s latest attempt at cracking the smartphone market, and how better than by also paying homage to the phone everyone had at the turn of the millennium: the 3310?

Nokia had been manufacturing phones since the early 80s, however, the 2000 launched phone truly cemented the Finnish company as the market leaders among the likes of Asian giants Sony and Samsung and American Motorolla at the time. As time went on, Nokia struggled to adapt to the changing mobile market and were eventually swallowed up by Microsoft.

The original 3310 was retired in 2005 having sold 126m units, making it the best-selling phone to date.

According to an article by VentureBeat, the phone will be re-released for European and North American consumers costing around €59 which is far more favourable that the original 2000 price of £129. This is in-line with the re-release last Christmas of the similarly beloved Super Nintendo. The original 1990 console was priced at $199, whereas the 2016 re-release was sold for a mere $59. Preferable pricing as a marketing strategy for the nostalgia lovers or purely indicative of the technological advances and thus cheaper to build?

Set to be revealed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona at the end of February the new Nokia 3310 is likely to be pitched as a reliable second phone for those who look back fondly on the 3310.

The other huge selling point is of course the incomparable to modern day smartphone’s battery life. Today you’ll be lucky to get away with not charging your phone midway though the day – and that is as long as you haven’t been using it! It’s other famed features include addictive yet painstakingly simple game Snake II as well as it’s supposed indestructibility.

It’s hefty, yet light plastic frame in coherence with it’s never-ending battery life has resulted in it being branded as the most resilient and long-lasting phone ever made. This reputation has led to the beloved Nokia being the subject of many famous internet memes as well as this hilarious video:


Of course, this is a time of nostalgia, confirmed by the successes of the aforementioned Super Nintendo relaunch, 80s-set Stranger Things, La La Land and Pokémon Go. Therefore, when it was leaked that the ‘indistructible’ Nokia 3310 with it’s never-dying battery and addicitive Snake game was set to make a comeback Twitter justifiably was thrilled:


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