YouTube Rolls out Time Saving Double-Tap Feature

Image: Android Police

Maybe gone under the radar, but YouTube rolled out its latest update to its mobile app. The Google owned company have added the double-tap functionality to its platform, and it will change our YouTube viewing on our mobile for the better!

Instead of double tapping to ‘like’ much like Instagram or to toggle between full-screen and not, the new feature allows users to rewind or fast-forward by 10 seconds. Gone are the days of trying to drag the fiddly slider back a little to rewind and end up going back 3 minutes, then trying to bring it back to where you were before and going forward 3 minutes further forward.


This feature went live for a small portion of users late last week as a beta test according to a reddit post, however, it seems to be readily available for all users now on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon the YouTube platform suffered it’s biggest glitch to date. Anytime someone chose to unsubscribe from a channel, YouTube falsely removed two subscribers from the account. This was spotted by internet trolls and allowed them to get to work repeatedly subscribing and unsubscribing from channels, causing massive drops in the total subscribers counts. In some cases trolls abuse of this glitch meant some channels have even moved into negative numbers!

The glitch was initially spotted by account BlackScreeenTV who live steamed the issue on their channel.

YouTube later confirmed that the bug only affected the number displaying the subcriber count and not the actual data:

It appears that YouTube finally rectified the issue, however, not before a lot of YouTube channels panicked that all their hard work to grow their subscriber base (one of the key indicators when it comes to YouTube monetisation) was being instantaneously cancelled out.


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