With Just Days Left as President, Hamilton Release a Video of How They Said Goodbye to Obama

On Tuesday 10th January, President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address from his hometown of Chicago, the place he launched his political ascendency eight years ago.

As an emotional Obama took to the stage he was greeted by chants of ‘four more years’ by a roaring crowd. During his tearful speech, he warned of the threat to democracy for the United States under Donald Trump.

At the same time as Obama set to bid farewell, the official YouTube channel of Broadway hit musical Hamilton, released a video of one of their performances to Obama when they attended the White House last year.

The critically acclaimed, sold out, hip-hop musical is about the life of Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers of the United States. The video they released is of one of their songs, ‘One Last Time’ about departing President George Washington having a conversation with Alexander Hamilton about his to decision to step-down.

The cast visited the White House last March for a Q&A and to perform selections from the show to Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, White House staff and other lucky guests. Now with his days in the Oval Office coming to an end, and having delivered his final speech to the nation, the show shared their very poignant and relevant performance, in an effort to help the world say farewell.

Following a standing ovation, Obama took to the stage to thank the cast saying, “What an incredible gift these folks have given to the United States of America. It is rare where a piece of art can remind us what is best in ourselves and that’s what these guys have done and that’s a great gift. So with that, we know how to say goodbye.”

You can watch Obama’s full farewell speech from this week below:


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