Polish Auction Company Has Managed to Top All of This Year’s Christmas Ads

Image: YouTube

John Lewis has racked up the views. Wes Anderson’s H&M ad cinematically offers the most style and quality. Amazon hit the nail on the head with their interfaith focus. And of course Coca-Cola continue to do what they do best when reminding us the ‘Holidays are coming’. However, none of these ads get anywhere close to the quiet charm and brilliance of Allegro’s ad.

Released little over a week ago, this Polish online auction website’s Christmas ad has officially gone viral and they don’t even operate globally.

Humour. Air of intrigue. Set to a beloved carol. A lovable protagonist. A beloved pet. Strong but not over-used Christmas connotations. The ability to bring a Christmas tear to the eye and lump in the throat.

Allegro have ticked every box with their ‘English for Beginners’ ad.


An adorable grandfather is seen mysteriously and often comically teaching himself English to eventually introduce himself to his granddaughter in the UK. We see him painstakingly label everything in his house with post-it notes (including his dog). Then attempt to learn from from his television, repeating, “I’m going to fucking kill you,” to his rubber duck in the bath. He even obliviously, with headphones on tell a woman on the bus, “I love you, you are perfect.”

Set to a quiet slowed down instrumental version of Silent Night, his motivation is slowly reveled as he heads to the airport, embraces his son at the front door and finally approaches a timid girl hiding behind her parents, with a tear in his eye (much like most of the people watching him) he says in perfect English, “Hi, I am your grandfather.”

The ad has had 4m viewers had their hearts melted in little over a week, which is quite a feat for a relatively unknown company, without the following or brand of the big Christmas ad players.

Well done Allegro. You’ve won Christmas.


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