The Chainsmokers Share This Amazing Walk off the Earth Cover of Closer

Canadian alternative rock group Walk off the Earth have gone and walked off with another viral hit.

The group are probably best known for their cover of Gotye’s 2011 hit Somebody That I Used To Know, where the five members of the group all huddle around and play one guitar. This cover truly put the group on the map and also earned them just shy of 175million hits on YouTube for the one video. Since, they have released their own original E.P, gained worldwide support, embarked on several tours, and released endless covers in the same quirky, low-budget, alternative style.

The group’s a cappella rendition of Taylor Swift’s I knew You Were Trouble racked up 29million views. Whilst their ukulele cover of Adele’s Someone Like You also brought in over 20million views.

It seems that the group’s latest release is on it’s way to becoming another worldwide hit. On 30th August they released their cover of DJ Duo The Chainsmokers, Closer. Since the video’s release it has been viewed 1.5million times on YouTube and was even shared by The Chainsmokers who posted, “We aren’t worth of this cover,” which then gained more than 20million more views on Facebook.

The Chainsmokers themselves rose to fame with their worldwide phenomenon, #SELFIE. Closer has been deemed a more chilled mix by the DJ Duo compared to their previous successes. Closer topped the charts in twelve different countries and across sixteen different charts. On the official VEVO YouTube page, the song has been viewed just short of 250million times.

Whilst it is unlikely the Walk off the Earth cover will reach the heights of the original, it’s a big accolade to be shared by The Chainsmokers, and will likely to bolster the cover in terms of popularity.

Walk off the Earth’s video style consistently has a level of novelty to it. This video is no different. Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor has become the maverick comedy player in the music videos, despite often providing significant musical value on the piano, keyboards, glockenspiel and others. In this video he is mysteriously sat behind an easel, with his typical blank, nonchalant expression. Towards the climax of the video he provides the other 4 members of the group a kazoo each, using some kind of Walk off the Earth typical homemade device. As the song ends the camera pans in on Beard Guy, where he reveals his painting, which is mysteriously a painting of the group at the end of the song – with some level of inception-style to it.

Comment below with your opinion of the new Walk off the Earth cover and how you think it fares in comparison to the original.


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