Twitter Goes into Meltdown After Child Stars Grow Up

Image: BBC

Despite experiencing first-hand the irrefutable fact that as time passes, our appearances changes, the internet can’t seem to handle seeing an erstwhile beloved child-star from television or film having now grown up.

On Monday, a photo of the ‘children’ from BBC comedy hit Outnumbered started to circulate on social media.

Outnumbered ran from 2007-2014, documenting a chaotic family household where the parents were ‘outnumbered’ by the three unruly children. Although in the initial season the critical reception was mixed, as further seasons were produced the fortunes of the show turned as it built up a cult following.

Much of the show’s success was born through the adoration for the natural charisma of the three children: Jake, Ben and Karen. Whilst certainly the three child actors must be credited for this, it too must be noted the benefit the production style played. All the plots and subplots of the show were written and the adult actors learnt a script. However, the children were given last-minute instructions by the writers and directors as well as being coached through workshops to ensure their child-like reactions to relatable scenarios of a family household were realistic, funny and natural.

Although the last time we saw the stars of the show was only two years ago, most will remember them as their younger selves when the show first came to prominence. The photo shows the three actors now relatively grown and certainly unrecognisable: Tyger Drew-Honey (20), Daniel Roche (16), Ramona Maquez (15).

As the photo began to circulate, there were three differing reactions, aiding in social media going wild. Many expressed their genuine shock:

Whilst others more profoundly opted for the tact of mocking those shocked at the simultaneous nature of time and aging:

And finally the third group of people more cynically commented (much like this article) but less entertainingly (unlike this article) on people not comprehending the ageing process:

Having previously made a few Christmas and Comic-Relief specials, the photo comes ahead of a new one off special episode airing later this year.


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