Clarkson Assembles a Box and It’s Already More Popular Than the New Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson seems to thrive when faced with challenges.

His Top Gear became synonymous for its ever-growing in hilarity and ridiculousness challenges ‘set by the producers’. Whether he was building an amphibious car to drive to France, travelling in a customised Tuk-Tuk through India, or searching eastern Africa for the true source of the Nile – Clarkson lived up to the challenge.

He of course even likes to dish out his own challenges; challenging the BBC to fire him or not last year following his controversial rant and abuse of a producer. The BBC overcame their challenge in this instance. Clarkson was fired.

However, it’s Clarkson who seems to have come out on top. He even overcame the challenge the BBC set him of unemployment, being snapped up along with Richard Hammond and James May by Amazon in a multi-million pound deal.


We reported a few weeks about the so far disastrous Top Gear revamp. The second episode aired last Sunday 5th June, with the viewing figures less than impressive, dropping 1.5million viewers from the previous week.

Much-maligned new host Chris Evans hit back on Twitter following barrages of media coverage poking at the poor viewing figures.

Clarkson will be reunited with his former co-presenters of Top Gear when their new motoring show airs later year on Amazon Prime. This week, James May released a video (seemingly in some kind of production office) on YouTube of Clarkson challenging himself to construct a courier box.

This video of Clarkson completing a monotonous challenge for most, seems to have been received more positively (based on internet reaction) than the latest episode of Chris Evans’ Top Gear.

We watch as Clarkson clumsily fumbles with the fluorescent yellow DHL box to the commentary of Hammond and May.


The British public seem to love an insight into their beloved celebrities lives. Combine that with a reunion of the erstwhile Top Gear trio’s brilliant comic banter, which has been sorely and particularly missed considering the state of Top Gear’s revamp. As well as giving us a preview and reminder of what we could be in store for with Amazon’s new show as well as the three’s new live tour. Throw in a challenge and a dose of irony and you’re onto a winner.

Reading the top comments on YouTube tells you everything you need to know…

Image: YouTube

And on that bombshell…


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