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This is the fifth edition of the weekly TFNY’s Videos of the Week.

Some are old; some are new. Some are ‘viral’; some have had only a few hundred views. Some are serious; some are ridiculous.

‪1. Dad holds GoPro the wrong way round the whole holiday!?

We’ve all tried tirelessly to teach our parents how to use various pieces of technology. In many instances they senselessly struggle to comprehend how it functions and when finally shown its use are completely dumbfounded by its brilliance.

Clearly 69-year old Howard Newman was briefly shown the benefits of capturing his holiday on a high quality miniature camera (GoPro) by his son Mark, prior to setting off. However, Mark – probably due to Howard’s astonishment of the capabilities of the camera – failed to explicitly teach his father which way you point the lens.

Howard borrowed his sons GoPro for his trip to Amsterdam with his wife. Unfortunately for him, as the video shows, he accidentally filmed his own face instead of his wonderful trip.

Though six and half minutes of watching a 69-year old’s face in various different settings doesn’t sound the most enthralling, there is something oddly captivating about this video. We watch as Howard proudly tells the camera, “here we are, in the Netherlands. Notice the difference?” All said, despite only filming an extreme close-up of his face. He even then looks back at his wife and sighs “ahh the Netherlands,” for the camera’s benefit.

His wife, Joan briefly takes over the filming, and films correctly. However, Howard only gives her a brief chance to film as he takes back the reins moments later to even ironically announce, “I wish I could see what I was filming…” We all do Howard, we all do!

When handed the GoPro back on his parents return for editing, Mark watched in astonishment and for sure glee the footage his father had filmed. Not being able to edit anything considerable into a nice family video for them all to watch of their travels in Amsterdam, he instead posted the video online to a tremendous reception.


2. Leicester have DONE IT!

It’s been near to three weeks since Leicester City astonishingly defied the odds to win the Premier League title. Since then, various videos have circulated satirising their achievement. I thought it was only appropriate to include my favourite one now the dust has settled and their achievement has finally been comprehended.

This video is from the end of the first Star Wars (IV) film. The rebels, led by Hans Solo, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker have just defied the odds and defeated the Empire. They are then congratulated in a coronation-style ceremony. This video was created and released by who have risen to fame thanks to its hilarious satirical sports posts.

In this video, the Leicester leader Claudio Ranieri has replaced Hans’ face. Chewbacca’s replaced with the Leicester beast, Chewie-esque character Robert Huth. And Leicester’s cult hero Jamie Vardy has taken Luke’s face. The guard’s faces have been replaced with the erstwhile Premier League champions’ leaders: Diego Costa and John Terry. The Queen’s face has been replaced with former Chelsea leader José Mourinho and Arsène Wenger is handing the medals to him. There’s even a cameo appearance for Leicester’s star (second in rank to Vardy for the latter’s cult hero status) Riyad Mahrez as C3PO.

This video started doing the rounds on Facebook at the beginning of May and has been viewed over 11million times.


3. The Present

“After a very successful festival circuit, running on over 180 film festivals and winning more than 50 awards, we’ve decided that it’s finally time to share “The Present” with the rest of the world.”

Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler created this short film in 2014 whist they were students in Germany. It’s based on a comic strip by Brazilian artist Fabio Coala Cavlacanti. As the Vimeo description says it has gone on to win many awards internationally and was finally released to the public in February – being viewed over 10million times.

We watch as a boy, seemingly like most other boys plays a video game in a dark room. He is then joined by his returning home mother who pulls the blinds and hands him a gift in a cardboard box. Intrigued at its contents, the boy momentarily puts down his game to see what’s inside. He finds an excitable puppy inside to his delight, however, his joy rapidly turns to disgust as he sees the puppy only has three legs.

The boy tosses the puppy aside and attempts to continue with his game. However, the eager puppy, unaware of his new owners’ distain, stumbles around the room trying to play ball. We watch as the puppy grows on the boy as he accepts him, despite his disability. When the boy yells up the stairs to his mother, “mum, we’ll be outside,” the boy stands and poignantly uses his crutches to go to the door, as just like the puppy, he also only has one leg.

This film and its awards were only the beginning for its creators as it landed them both great jobs, with Frey working at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Kranzler at Pixar Animation Studios.

4. “Everyone’s Fanhansa” commercial | Lufthansa

This German airline, Lufthansa advert pokes fun at England fans ahead of this summer’s tournament in France.

The ad begins with two suited England supporters, sporting England scarves as they wait in an airport. One walks up to the other and announces that their flight has been cancelled and they’ve now been rebooked with Lufthansa. The other man incredulously replies, “We’re flying with the Germans?!”

The younger of the two men is then immediately shown on the plane surrounded a Bavarian Oompah Band and men wearing the traditional Tyrolean hats and Lederhosen. An angry butch flight attendant slams down a plate of bratwurst as a cuckoo clock chimes. He turns round to be greeted by a young supporter donning the German kit, brandishing four fingers in reference to Germany’s 4-1 victory over England in the 2010 World Cup and/or the four World Cup wins they’ve had.

The overhead screens then even show (with German commentary) the winning penalty in the 1990 World Cup Semi-final penalty shootout between England and Germany. The other passengers let out a huge cheers as the goal goes in, followed by a flight attendant ‘ding’…

The man lifts his head and realises it was all a dream as a polite, young flight attendant asks if everything is ok as she serves him a meal and a cold beer. He turns around and the same young Germany fan is still taunting him from the seat behind.


5. “Traditionally, Presidents don’t stick around after they’re done, and it’s something that I’ve been brooding about a little bit.”

As he nears the end of this second term of Presidency, Barack Obama has starred in a spoof video about his retirement. The light-hearted video was made the for the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner and was later posted by the White House official Facebook page – being watched over 23million times.

At his final Correspondents dinner, the US leader alludes to life after the White House and asks the guests to watch the short video.

The parody starts with the President sat in the Oval Office watching a news broadcast where it reports he’ll remain in Washington for the next two years, with the host quipping, “He’s about to go from Commander-in-Chief to Couch Commander.”

We then watch as the President weighs up his options with Vice-President Joe Biden in a therapy-style scenario: “I can’t golf everyday can I?”

The Vice-President suggests he should do something ‘practical’ such as driving again or coaching a sports team. We therefore watch the President calls and offer his assistance to NBA team Washington Wizards, but is hung on.

Then we watch him getting frustrated as he aptly argues about the legitimacy of his birth certificate when trying to get a new driving license, as well as getting his wife in trouble for posting a video on her Snapchat account.

Finally, Obama is seen in a private cinema watching the end of Toy Story with outspoken rival and retired Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner.

Boehner tells him: “First, stop sending me all these LinkedIn requests. And second, here’s the beauty of this thing, you’ve got all the time in the world to figure this out. You can just be you for a while… Yesterday, I had a beer at 11.30 in the morning. And you know McDonald’s now serves breakfast all day long… Soon you’ll be able to walk right out of the Oval Office singing ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-A’.”

The video ends with the President strolling down the corridor with a few of his co-stars of the video wearing sunglasses, he’s offered a cocktail as he walks, then he fist bumps the driving license attendee in a ‘drop-the-mic’ fashion and Boehner offers him a cigarette – all well set to Wiz Khalifa’s Cameras.


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