Instagram Updates its Iconic Logo

Image: Instagram

Instagram has scrapped its instantly recognisable logo and app icon for a brand new design.

Thanks to auto-app-updates, Instagram users woke up to a combination of joy and terror as they found the new vibrant app was sat on their home screen in place of the familiar iconic design.

The erstwhile brown logo with the rainbow stripe, reminiscent of a Polaroid camera has been ditched for the new purple, orange and pink one with the flat white outline of the camera.

The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing social network updated its app this morning; with its other apps – Layout, Hyperlapse and Boomerang following suit with similar themes.

The reason for the update according to Instagram’s head of design, Ian Spalter was to coincide with updates across social media and the aesthetics of its user’s other apps. “The Instagram logo and design was beginning to feel, well… not reflective of the community, and we thought we could make it better,” he wrote in a post on Medium.

By Ragesoss (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When the app first came to prominence it was primarily used for its photo filtering capabilities. Many users would use the app to filter their photos, ignore Instagram’s social network, and use the photos elsewhere such as on Facebook or Twitter.

However, since its $4bn acquisition by Facebook four years ago it has pushed its greater capabilities beyond filtering pictures of your cooking or enhancing your selfies, and now has over 400 million worldwide users. Instagram has also become a major platform for celebrities and advertisers to showcase themselves to the masses.

Along with the new logo both the iOS and Android app has been cleaned up, however, in contrary to the logo, with a less colourful design and simpler all black and white look, with red notifications.

Spalter has said the refreshed UI is meant to place greater emphasis on the photos themselves.

“While the icon is a colorful doorway into the Instagram app, once inside the app, we believe the color should come directly from the community’s photos and videos. We stripped the color and noise from surfaces where people’s content should take center stage, and boosted color on other surfaces like sign up flows and home screens.”

Image: Instagram

We reported back in March that Instagram had made huge algorithm updates to their news feed, altering the way we see and interact with posts. It seems that, that update was simply the precursor to the big aesthetic update.

Like most drastic updates to any application (just like the news feed update in March), this one will inevitably be met with criticism from the app’s community. However, many believe this update has been a long time coming, as for an app that prides itself on enhancing and displaying great looking images, its own image had become extremely outdated.


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