Ghostbusters Remake Trailer Bombs

Who you gonna call for a trailer of a much anticipated film? Not whoever put this one together.

Remaking a cult classic from the 80’s will always be a difficult task. Die-hard fans on one hand love to see a beloved film remade, however, on the other hand will want it’s ‘majesty’ to be done justice, and therefore, will be critical.

Remaking a cult classic from the 80’s, but changing it to a different gender cast from the original is almost cinematic suicide – especially considering the power of 21st century media. However, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the negative reaction this trailer has received; earning just shy of 750,000 dislikes.

The trailer is extremely convoluted, and leaves it’s fans very disappointed and puzzled as to what the plot actually is. Did the original 80’s story line happen? Is this the sequel? Is this a remake? Who knows.

The film is directed by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig and similarly stars Bridesmaid’s, Kristen Wig and Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy appears to be amongst those who is unimpressed by the trailer and film concept:

“The trailer said 30 years later, which I didn’t get myself…believe me, the question was asked. I was like ‘I think that’s very confusing,’ but then everyone said ‘we don’t care what you think.’”



In an interview with New York Daily News, Paul Feig comments on his film and the criticism of the trailer:

“Geek culture is home to some of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met in my life.”

The clearly hurt filmmaker says he was merely trying to “tell a story you haven’t seen before. Or tell a story you’ve seen before, but in a way you haven’t seen it.”

The sheer amount of dislikes makes the Ghostbuster’s remake the most disliked trailer on YouTube ever, and also places it 11th in the top disliked videos on the site. This is no proud feat considering this list contains several Psy (the ‘Gangnam style’ creator), Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black (Friday) videos.

The film hits our screens mid July, and their PR team has a lot to do to prevent this catastrophic trailer determining the eventual success of a reboot that fans have waited 30 years for.


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