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This is the fourth edition of the weekly ‘TFNY’s Videos of the Week’.

Some are old; some are new. Some are ‘viral’; some have had only a few hundred views. Some are serious; some are ridiculous.

‪1. Magician Convinces Woman to Believe they Discovered an Alien Species Together

This video shows magician turn pranktser, Michael Carbonaro convince a woman that together they discovered alien life-forms.

The prank was originally aired in the US on The Carbonaro Effect – a show where Carbonaro performs baffling tricks and pranks on unsuspecting members of the public, caught on hidden camera.

This video is great for Carbonaro’s victim’s sound effects alone, as the magician reveals a strange crab/spider like creature from a piece of ‘space rock’, let alone the magic and acting from Carbonaro.

“That thing is alive?! Oh my…it’s breathing!”

We then watch as the magician firstly duplicates the creature and then hilariously turns them into everyday cats.

Magician Convinces Woman To Believe They… by paradigmshiftdocs4u

2. The Birth of a Nation: Official HD Teaser Trailer

Watching this trailer, it is clear to see why The Birth of a Nation was the talk of this year’s Sundance festival.

The film tells the story of how slave Nat Turner led a rebellion against slavery in Virginia in the early 1830’s.

Astutely set to Nina Simone’s Strange Fruit, this trailer is truly haunting and will inevitably become one of 2016’s must see films. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until its release in October.

Nineteenth century US slavery is certainly a vogue genre of film right now, following the mammoth successes of films such as 12 Years a Slave and Django. Whether this film can live up to those two, it is to be seen, however, this trailer does a good job at suggesting it will have a chance.

Check back on TFNY for inevitable future full trailers.


3. Adam Levine Performs “Purple Rain” At The Howard Stern Birthday Bash on SiriusXM

On 21st April, it was announced that Pop-superstar Prince had been pronounced dead at his home. The following day footage surfaced of Adam Levine covering one of Prince’s best known hits in 2014 as part of a TV special for US broadcaster Howard Stern.

Whilst the Maroon 5 frontman’s emotional performance can hardly offer Prince’s grieving fans much consolation, it was a nice gesture from the show nonetheless.

Famously, Levine has said he was ‘lucky to call him [Prince] a friend’ as well as a musical peer. He told People that he’ll remember the “great times that we had and just constantly being inspired by how he did things his way [and] never let anybody deter what he wanted to accomplish creatively and musically.”

Following Prince’s death Purple Rain (the original) rose to no.1 of both the US and UK iTunes charts and entered the UK Single’s chart at no.6 – two places higher than it ever made when it was originally released.

This 7 minute video/musical tribute to the beloved man has now been viewed on YouTube over 18million times.


4. You’ll never walk alone – huge crowd at Hillsborough vigil unite to sing Liverpool anthem

This chilling video shows a city uniting to remember those who lost their lives at the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster.

Thirty thousand people attended the vigil in Liverpool following the conclusion of the inquests into the deaths of the 96 victims who lost their lives – now determined to have been ‘unlawfully killed’.

27 years on, the families of the Hillsborough victims were led in front of St George’s hall in Liverpool and beneath a banner reading ‘Truth. Justice’.

This three-minute news clip from the BBC shows the crowd, scarves aloft, singing You’ll Never Walk Alone – Liverpool’s club anthem. The camera specifically focuses on several Everton fans, who despite the bitter rivalry, proudly sing the tribute for the family of those they unlawly lost at a mere football match in Sheffield.


5. This is going well. I think we should start an ad agency next.

The fifth and final video this week comes from Richard Hammond.

Last year it was announced that Richard Hammond and James May had decided not to renew their BBC contracts following the sacking of colleague Jeremy Clarkson.

Top Gear vowed to continue without its beloved trio of hosts and have hired a new line-up including Chris Evans and Friends star Matt Le Blanc. In the meantime, however, the three erstwhile BBC hosts were snapped up by Amazon and their ever growing ‘Prime’ offering, and are now close to releasing their new Top Gear-esque show.

This video shows the three men sat in an office, attempting to come up with a title for their new show.

This 90 second snippet acts as a brief reminder of why Top Gear was so popular and the dry-humour the three brought to the show. Nothing has changed: they’re arguing amongst themselves, mocking May, procrastinating and generally portraying a glimpse at what is either an actual hilarious friendship or three of the greatest acts seen on modern television.

The name of the show has been kept under wraps for a while now. Back when Netflix were favourites to commission it, there were rumours it would be aptly named ‘House of Cars’ (a play on words of popular drama House of Cards – also on Netflix).

It was also suggested ‘Gear Nobs’ may be in contention – especially considering the trio’s love of innuendo. However, Clarkson quickly ended that rumour:

Even with this snippet posted by Hammond, we’re still no closer to knowing the show’s title, which is slowly becoming a very well crafted PR mystery.

I guess we’ll have to wait for the Autumn, when the show is set to debut.


Comment below with any video suggestions you’d like to see featured next week.


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