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This is the third edition of the weekly ‘TFNY’s Videos of the Week’.

Some are old; some are new. Some are ‘viral’; some have had only a few hundred views. Some are serious; some are ridiculous.

‪1. The Girl on the Train – Official Teaser Trailer

This week, Universal Pictures released the trailer for the much-awaited film The Girl on the Train.

The film is an adaptation of worldwide bestselling novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins. In July last year Hawkins’ novel broke the all-time books sale record – selling over 800,000 copies in the first six months since it’s release.

The trailer starts slow and calm, but gradually builds in tandem with the music, truly doing justice to the exhilarating novel it’s based on. Let’s face it, this trailer could have been plain and boring with dark ambiguous snippets of the film and the fans would have still flocked to see it, for the novel’s popularity. Therefore, it’s a credit to Universal for delivering such a strong first-look of the film.

The novel has been compared to alike worldwide bestseller Gone Girl. At least from the outset of this trailer, the film will be similarly dark and suspenseful, with immaculate shots as the aforementioned novel’s own 2014 adaptation starring Ben Affleck.

We’ll unfortunately, have to wait until October 7th for the release of the film.

‪2. The BBC celebrates Sir David Attenborough on his 90th Birthday

David Attenborough turns 90 on 8th May this year. To celebrate, the BBC are expected to air a series of shows about his career spanning over sixty years.

On Wednesday, the BBC released this beautiful montage of some of his work. Aptly set to Nature Boy by Shirley Bassey, we watch 60 seconds worth of clips of Attenborough doing what he does best.

Someone even commented, “My favourite human! His enthusiasm is one of a kind. Sir David Attenborough, a truly extraordinary creature!”


3. Sounds 90’s Kids Will Never Forget

This video was released at the beginning of March, with similar articles written by Buzzfeed, amongst others in the past.

Nostalgia is a great thing, and this is what this video provides its audience in abundance. We watch as we hear the original Nokia ringtone, The Lion King theme, MSN sounds, R. Kelly’s I believe I can fly as well as many more.


4. The Founder – Official US Trailer

On Tuesday, The Weinstein Company released their official trailer of The Founder. Michael Keaton plays McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc, in this biopic of the birth of the fast-food chain.

People love a film where they can learn more about the origin of something that is already a huge part of modern society. The Social Network depicted how Facebook was created. Steve Jobs shows the beginnings of Apple. Despite Kroc being far less prominent in the public eye than his counterparts Zuckerberg or Jobs, the next natural film to make was this one.

“We wanted something original, and that’s when my brother here comes up with one of his brilliant ideas: orders ready in 30 seconds not 30 minutes. Original, there’s nothing like this.”

This film is released on August 5th.

5. James Corden’s Tribute to Prince

The fifth and final video this week comes from James Corden’s, Late Late Show’s YouTube page.

On Tuesday evening, it was confirmed that Prince had died aged 57.

This rightly so has left his fans devastated and shocked. James Corden came out and said he reshot the opening to his show that evening so he could take a moment to pay tribute to an artist he and so many others widely admired.

Corden said:

“To be unique in this world, is impossible. Like almost all art is taken or borrowed from somewhere else. But an artist like Prince stands alone, he is completely original.”

Comment below with any video suggestions you’d like to see featured next week.


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