The ‘Dodgy-Dave’ Outburst

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Several global high ranking political figures have been associated with these ‘tax-dodging’ offshore businesses. In the UK the highest of ‘high-profiles’ has been caught up in the controversy: David Cameron has been linked with his deceased father’s business interests with various influential Middle Eastern partners.

The Panamanian revelations has forced the hands of several British politicians to publish their recent tax returns. Although the returns seem to be in order for the likes of Cameron, Johnson and Corbyn, marches still took place on Downing Street to encourage Cameron to resign as well as impassioned debates in The House of Commons this week.

On Monday 11th April, as the debate roared on, Labour MP for Bolsover (Derbyshire), Dennis Skinner was invited to give his opinion by the Speaker.

Skinner stood and delivered a finger pointing, furious condemnation of Cameron:

“At the time when he [Cameron] was dividing the nation between strivers and scroungers, I asked him a very important question about the windfall he received when he wrote off the mortgage of the premises in ‘Nottin ‘ill’…and I said to him he didn’t write off the mortgage the one the tax payers were helping to pay for at Oxford…I didn’t receive a proper answer then, but maybe ‘Dodgy-Dave’ will answer it now…”

The Commons erupted. Yelps of agreement came from behind him, whilst shouts of disgust for his disrespectful attack of the Prime Minister came from the Tory benches.

Skinner was asked to withdraw ‘Dodgy-Dave’ by the Speaker. He duly refused and was therefore, ejected from the House.

Skinner has had previous outbursts in The Commons, where he’s ended up bellowing his opinions of the government :

“What a savage indictment of this lousy rotten government, propped up by these pathetic liberals!”

Was just one Skinner quote from 2011 when he was unhappy with the government’s dealing of the recession, the budget and welfare cuts.

Skinner has found a lot of support, love and new worldwide fans on Twitter following his outburst, with #DodgyDave trending on Twitter:

The Debate has roared on this week with many campaigns stepping up their efforts to force Cameron to resign.

With the EU Referendum campaigns about to pick up pace, could this hysteria and controversy be a blow for the Cameron backed ‘Remain’ campaign?

See the full Skinner rant here:


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