Instagram Filters Its News Feed

Instagram have updated their algorithm for how you view others’ photos. Previously, you’d see every photo for every profile you follow in chronological order. However, the new update means now your feed has been optimised and will display posts based on your relationship with the user, your search history and the timeliness of the post – or as Instagram put it: “your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”

For those who follow hundreds of users this update seems like a great idea. Most normal social media users will check their Instagram feed a few times a day and therefore, are likely to miss some of the posts that you actually want to see. The update will also benefit those who currently only follow a small handful of people in order to prevent their newsfeed becoming too cluttered with posts that you may not be interested in.

In the same blog post, Instagram announced that people on average currently miss up to 70% of their posts. So this update has looked to combat this.

Initially the algorithm and update may be difficult to get used to – who really likes change? However, I expect once the bugs are ironed out the update will enhance the user experience for the everyday Instagram user.

When the announcement was made for the update, many popular accounts posted on Instagram and Twitter asking their follows to turn on notifications for their posts. Certainly this would combat the issue of missing some posts if their post falls outside of the magical Instragram algorithm. However, of course if these Instagram accounts are popular enough to be suggesting to their following for them to take action, they probably post on Instagram constantly (more than once a day). Personally, getting a notification every time Taylor Swift or Cristiano Ronaldo go out for lunch or have a new endorsement will become irksome and lead me to unfollowing them.


Ultimately, the update can only be seen as a positive thing I think. Just don’t turn on notifications unless you’re one of those people who love their phone notifications going wild – in which case you better start updating your favourite profiles.


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